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Africa Media Fund is a privately-managed impact fund targeting media as an asset class.


The purpose of the fund is to invest in media infrastructure, unlock opportunities presented by the fourth industrial revolution; while stimulating entrepreneurship in the creative sector.

Key Priorities

To fast-track transformation within the film and broadcasting industry in line with government’s black industrialization objectives in South Africa.

To partner with governments across the African continent in closing funding gaps that exist in capitalizing, distributing and marketing local content that can travel the world.

To accelerate investments towards media infrastructure, including innovation hubs, data centers, broadcasting technology, play-out facilities, broadcasting channels, post-production facilities, film studios, AVR equipment, etc.

To empower women-owned enterprises across the production value-chain which will create jobs and access to market (special effects, makeup artists, caterers, screenwriters, sales agents, events and logistics, professional services etc.)

To upskill and train youth in preparing them for job opportunities and new markets presented by the fourth industrial revolution (artificial intelligence, augmented virtual reality, coding, digitization, automation, robotics etc.).

Strategic Pillars

Fourth Industrial Revolution

The digital revolution offers great opportunities to ensure connectivity across the continent and unlock NEW investments and distribution platforms (education, entertainment, empowerment, tourism).

Media Infrastructure

Transformation of ownership of media infrastructure to enable innovators and content developers access to means of production i.e. equipment, film studios, data centers, streaming and post-production facilities, innovation hubs and global marketing platforms.

Enterprise Development

Building sustainable Black Industrialists and large Enterprises, particularly women and youth-owned companies that produce local content that can travel the world, thus and creating employment and flattening the poverty line by 2030.

4IR | African Media Fund
Media Infrastructure | African Media Fund
Enterprise Development | African Media Fund
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Our Team

Meet the management team leading Africa Media Fund

Tshepo Molapo | Africa Media Fund +

Mr. Tshepo Molapo: Chairman

Dr Khumo Moetse | Africa Media Fund +

Ambassador Dr. Khumoetsile Moetse: General Partner


Richard | Africa Media Fund +

Mr. Richard Johannisen: Fund Manager


Mr. Tshepo Modiba: Transaction Advisor

Team | Africa Media Fund +

Mr. Jan Moganwa: Non Executive Director

Team | Africa Media Fund +

Chunyiswa Kwinana: Chief Transformation Officer

Tower Management | African Media Fund +

Tower Capital Management

Team | Africa Media Fund +

Programme Management Office

Team | Africa Media Fund +

Deal Review Committee

Strategic Partners

Independent Black Filmmakers Collective | African Media Fund

Absa | African Media Fund

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Socio-Economic Impact Across the Eco-System

Media Eco-System

On-Demand & Social Media Platforms

Broadcasting Technology

Film & Television Studios

Digital Tourism Platforms

Alternative Education Tools

Music & Entertainment

Artificial Intelligence - IP Protection

Integrated Digital Solutions

Augmented Virtual Reality (Content Production)


Established and emerging enterprises

Capacity building and working capital

Skills development and training

Marketing and Distribution

Manufacturing and Logistics


Media Infrastructure

Innovation and Technology

Digital Migration

Internet Protocol Television

Local Content Production

Distribution Channels

Acquisitions and Mergers


Range from 20% – 60% of the full investment value depending on the associated merit and risks, with deal values ranging from USD 1m to USD 25m for continental content and infrastructure investments.

Range of USD 5m to USD 75m for international content and media/ digital marketing infrastructure investments.


Are set between 24 and 84 months (2 to 7 years) from first draw down depending on deal specific circumstances.


Please view below a summary of our long-term Media Infrastructure Investments

Film Studios


Film Locations | Africa Media Fund
International Films


Film and Digital Academy (S.T.E.A.M)

Enterprise Development

Data Centre | African Media Fund
Global African News Bureaux


TV Playout Centre | African Media Fund
Data Centres and Innovation Hubs


Data Centre | African Media Fund
Television Playout Centre


TV Playout Centre | African Media Fund


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    AMF will have presence in South, East and West Africa by 2025.